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Ferndale Housing Commission

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Eliza Howell Park

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The Think Shop

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Chase Detroit Startup Week

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Atwater Beers Website

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Detroit Is the new black website


Hexagon was commissioned to design the first site for rising fashion company Détroit Is the New Black then based in midtown .  Detroit the new black combines minimalism and high street to achieve the perfect balance of city chic. Our label is inspired by the history and resilience of the city while offering a neutral palette for a modern feel. In addition to our in-house label, we host an edited capsule of designer brands and accessories in-stotre. Détroit Is the New Black is a mantra for rebirth, inspiration, authenticity and culture. Join the movement.

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Belle Isle Conservancy

Hexagon was contracted by the Belle Conservancy to create a Branding system, for the Conservancy. The Conservancy at that time had almost no visual Identity or Brand.

See full pdf


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One of my favorite projects was to redesign the website for a new low calories super infusion beverage.  I created a animated video with 3d models and splash in aftereffects than exported it as a GIF. I also worked on the re branding for the product following the name change from Social to Cason.

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