Doggie Latchkey

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Hexagon Creative was approached by Doggie Latchkey, a pet sitting service based in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor, to create a new website with an integrated scheduling system and account management functions. The goal of the site was to help the organization keep track of scheduling as well as helping clients use technology to make their pet sitting experience more seamless and easier to manage. 


The site has been a monumental success, and has helped Doggie Latchkey generate new clients while also improving the experience of the clients that they already have. Part of what helps this process is our proprietary SEO methods, which drive Doggie Latchkey to the top of the search results.


Doggie Latchkey is one of our favorite types of clients, a local small business that is able to use the power of technology, excellent web design, and effective SEO in order to make their business easier to manage and easier to grow. The success of Doggie Latchkey speaks to our main mission which is to help all types of businesses, small or large, to harness the power of design and technology to reach new levels of success!