Easter Seals Michigan

Primera Veranot

Easter Seals Michigan (ESM) is a nearly 100 year-old nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities gain greater independence. Although they have a strong name recognition among their target audience, many constituents and the general public lacked understanding of the organization’s full menu of services, which have expanded and evolved considerably over the years.

Contracted through Dandelion Hexagon Creative worked closely with the ESM leadership team on a number of strategically critical projects, ranging from brand voice and design to team member engagement and fund development.

Be Extraordinary

Hexagon Creative and Dandelion collaborated with the ESM executive team to convey the stories, facts and services offered, and communicate the incredible impact this organization has had on our community. Hexagon worked to develop a strong brand identity and messaging which resonated with internal and external stakeholders as well as a strategic rollout of the new materials.