G&R Machine Tool, Inc.

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G&R Machine Tool, Inc. , an innovative manufacturer at the forefront of its specialized sector, G&R has made a commitment to expanding its offerings over the

the course of the last ten years alone to include robotic welding equipment and integrated updated material handling, becoming an expert in the entire range of turnkey automated system solutions.

G&R approached Hexagon with an issue that we encounter very frequently: their website was created and maintained by a freelancer who was unable to meet the client’s functional and aesthetic requirements. After experiencing months of difficulty, the client started looking for a more capable and experienced partner to handle their website demands. Hexagon replaced the existing site with a custom design built to help G&R become more competitive within your industry while growing-
in the business as a whole!

In addition to boosting the quantity of leads generated and bids granted, G&R immediately observed an increase in overall sales/revenue following the hire of Hexagon, in both new and existing business. Our Hexagon replaced the outdated website with a unique design that was specifically created to make G&R more competitive in your sector and to expand the company as a whole.