take your web presence to the next level



Our website developers work around the clock to make sure your website’s functions and back-end coding structure is perfect.

They work on elements like online forms and databases, content management systems (like WordPress),

and various custom coding tasks. Our coders are proficient in PHP, CSS, and Javascript.


When we created websites, we first determine your goals and objectives.  Typically, that objective has something to do with generating traffic and leads, whether that’s through e-commerce, contact forms or newsletter sign-ups.


Today, 25% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. Rather than designing a separate desktop and mobile version of your site, Hexagon deploys a mobile-first strategy. For the designer, mobile-first is all about proportions. We design and build typography, buttons and navigation to dynamically adjust and realign to fit the screen size, and to be compatible with multiple browsers.


Your website is not your leisure activity, it is your digital storefront. Most businesses don’t set out to grow a website as a leisure activity. Instead, your website is your online store contributing to your bottom line. Prospective customers can window shop by reviewing products or services on your site and make a purchase online from the comfort of home.

Hexagon’s eCommerce developers have worked with dozens of eCommerce platforms and specialized in Woocommerce and Shopify We also have experience with:

  • Magneto
  • WPCommerce
  • CS-Cart
  • Volusion
  •  & more


Each website is coded to our client’s design and needs, making it a completely custom website development. We create various kinds of custom web development for different clients. Every Client is unique.

From custom, e-commerce sites, B2B, informational sites and everything in between, no matter your needs we’ll create a customized solution specifically for you.

Custom WordPress Plugins

In our many years of building WordPress websites, Hexagon has seen so many poorly designed plugins that try to skim you for your money,  From a bad interface, dirty code, and everything else in between,  Hexagon avoid’s using any website feature we know isn’t the best for our clients. That’s why Hexagon’s skilled developers can construct a collection of custom WordPress plugins from the ground up.

Our custom plugins offer specific sets of functions and are easy to use.


Hackers want your website. Sometimes they want to add links back to their site, to swipe email addresses, inject content onto your website, or just mooch off of items you’ve paid for. In most cases, robots are doing the actual hacking, trawling the web for login screens and trying to gain access.

Our technology team knows the latest safeguards and can help you defend your website, and thereby your business, against malicious hackers. Some of them are obvious, like using secure passwords (hint: using your name or company name for a password is about as easy to hack as password123). Some require more expertise to implement, like tracking “404 page” hits and keeping an eye out for changes to database files. We’ll also install security plugins to help guard against those pesky robots. 


We prefer to build on WordPress for many reasons, the biggest being that 30% of the Internet is built on it.

WordPress is amenable to the professional web developers and non-tech savvy folks alike.  The introduction of WordPress’ new ‘Gutenberg’ editor makes use of intuitive content block and the “drag  and drop” for clients to manage. There are a plethora of internal and external training materials to guide beginners if they prefer to manage it yourself.